STABLE Isotope Analysis

Currently we are offering Stable Isotope analysis via:

  • Gas Chromatograph (GC) Combustion and Pyrolysis
  • Elemental Analyzer (EA), Combustion and Pyrolysis
  • Head Space, Carbonates, DIC, Trace Gas (CO2, N2, N2O, CH4)

By Elemental Analyzer (EA):

  • % CHNOS
  • Combustion 13C
  • Combustion 15N
  • Combustion 13C  15N
  • Combustion 34S
  • Combustion 13C, 15N, 34S
  • Pyrolysis for solids: 18O, dH, 18O & dH
  • Pyrolysis for liquids: 18O, dH, 18O & dH

By Gas Chromatograph (GC):

  • Compound Specific Carbon 13C
  • Compound Specific Nitrogen 15N
  • Compound Specific Hydrogen dH

By Head Space Analysis:

  • Carbonates, 13C, 18O
  • DIC, 13C
  • Trace Gas, CO2
  • Trace Gas, N2O
  • Trace Gas, CH4
  • Trace Gas, N2

Coming soon:

  • Silicates